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Utopian Age or no Utopian Age

peace Note: I do not own this picture. It is not my artwork.

 When we look to the future, we envision this oncoming Utopian Age. Most who are optimistic do anyway, but is it realistic? Could it possibly happen, that humanity will get its act together and come together? Well, that depends on what an individual would consider a “Peace Age”.

     We must understand, that mankind has been here for an X amount of years. We don’t know for certain exactly how many years mankind has been here, whether you belief in creation or evolution. We do know, that it has been enough time perhaps to come together, or no? We know there is NO recorded peace age in history, or really anything close to it. We do know mankind has made many attempts to come together as that “ONE”. It just didn’t happen for whatever reason (s).

     Within the early 20th Century, there were predictions of a Golden Age. Also, people said at that time, this is the century that will usher in a “Golden Age”. It was the opposite in many ways: Hitler, WWI, WWII, starvation, famine, disasters, plagues and so forth. It wasn’t an exactly a century of horror, but it was nothing close to this “Golden Age”. Today, people seem to want this Socialist Utopia, where all races come together, politics are bipartisan, modernization and everyone lives in mellifluous times. Is this ideology realistic or fantasy?

 I believe one day, there could be a short age of peace. I can’t see this kind of age lasting no more than maybe fifty years, if that! There’s just too much ego, disagreement, dichotomy and diverse ideas. It’s not that you or I don’t want an age of continuous peace. However, it’s very unlikely, mathematically and politically at this time. It’s mathematically impossible, given the number of population. Too many people to just magically come together. Only in a perfect world would this happen. 

     So, in short: No, it is unlikely an age of peace will happen within our lifetime. Also, think about this. Even if there was just one race and one religion, then would there be a peace age? What’s the chances humanity would find something else to hate on one another about? Very likely. There is NO ongoing peace age ahead, as much as I would like to think differently, logic and reason doesn’t let me. 

Written By: Billy Cahill © 2017