Klonopin (the pill from hell)





Dear whoever cares to listen,

     My story about Klonopin (Clonazepam) is rather dark and brooding! I was on this pill around nine years; I took  various dosages all through the years, anywhere from 0.5mg – 10mg daily. I’m not proud of that — not at all! I have forgiven myself for taking this pill, but I’m not proud of it!

Here’s how it began:

Back in 2003, I decided to see a psychiatrist for a series of anxiety and panic attacks. I was told that I had an anxiety disorder, whatever that is. I had never had anxiety in my entire life until my younger 20’s. The anxiety was just a growing phase IMO — not a mental disorder. 

Anyway . . . 

A close friend at the time recommended Klonopin, because he said it calms the nerves. When I walked into the psychiatrist’s office, I told her that I wanted to try Klonopin. She freely prescribed it, and she kept me on it for months. I knew I had became addicted to it! I knew it was a crunch, and somehow I knew anything that worked that well would have an effect later on in my life. I don’t think I cared, because egotistically I lived in that moment. It was me, my ego and bottle of Klonopin! 

Year after year went by as I stayed on the Klonopin. I recall for a short stent, after building tolerance — I would take Ritalin (Methylphenidate) to wake me up, because the Klonopin made me so wasted and out of it! By the time year six or seven rolled around on this poison — I felt miserable as I built tolerance. No matter how many Klonopin I popped — it didn’t work as well as it did. Everyone hits tolerance eventually on this medication or any tranquilizer / Benzo.

There came a day, that I was taking milligram after milligram, and inside I felt so depressed and faded — I really wanted to die, and strangely — I didn’t care if I had died. Klonopin makes a person not care and irresponsible! Any Benzo does! You can’t see that while you’re on it! BUT it does!

You can only see that after you’re off it and your mind clears!

I finally knew, that I had to come off it or I was going to die. I made the decision to come off the Klonopin, and it was horrible! 

Many people are in denial they’ll have to encounter a horrendous withdrawal from a Benzo — but chances are you will! The tranquilizer is going to lose effect eventually — and it will! Barr none!

It took fifteen months for my brain chemistry to NORMALIZE. It was the worst fifteen months of my life! My spine burned, psychosis, felt like someone threw bleach in my eyes, delusions, disassociation, couldn’t walk and it felt like I had a terrible neurological disease. I had so many hellish symptoms, there’s no way to total them all.

It all went away and cleared up . . . 

If I could go back — I would have NEVER taken Klonopin. 

Klonopin will be the sweetest flower and relief you ever smelled, only for it to backfire on you at a later date!

I’m happy and healthier today than I ever was on Klonopin! 


I certainly don’t recommend this drug; it’s a cure for NOTHING! It may seem like a cure, but you’re being deceived.

Klonopin is the tantamount of Black Magick.


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